Process to Confirm Your Reservation:

Please contact me to show your interest in any of these apartments or cars by filling out the contact form on the right side bar of any of these pages. I will then respond to confirm availability and price with you.

Making a Security Deposit to Confirm the Reservation

The security deposit for the apartments is from $125-$350 USD depending on the apartment and length of the lease. If you are interested in moving forward with the reservation, I can either send you the paypal request with a link to pay the deposit amount or I can confirm the amount with you and you can click on the paypal icon on the right sidebar of this page and follow instructions to make the deposit.

Payment of the Rent Due

The entire rent is due upon arrival through the following options:
-Dollars or Pesos in cash.
-Bitcoin if you have an account and the payment is immediate.
-Transfer or Deposit into one of the following bank accounts in the US: Bank of America or Chase
-Credit Card via Paypal however I add 4% to the amount to cover the paypal and other fees incurred.

The security deposit will be returned electronically within 48 hours after I have had a chance to inspect the apartment or property to make sure there are no damaged or missing items that would need to be deducted. If there are damaged items I may take more time to return the deposit since I will need time to buy the replacement items then calculate the correct amount to be deducted from the deposit.

Check In Procedure

Unless I tell you otherwise the keys will be waiting for you with security and the apartment will be ready. If you plan on paying the rent in cash, I or someone else will stop by later on to meet you and pick it up. There will be an information sheet in the apartment with information such as the apartment phone number, address, wifi access codes as well as some other useful information.