Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is the minimum stay?

Normally there is a minimum 3 night booking requirement.

2 – How do I make a reservation?

Once you contact me to confirm pricing and avilability, I will give you options to make a security deposit to confirm the reservation. Please see the page Make a Reservation for more specifics.

3 – What Payment Options Do You Accept?

The entire rent is due upon arrival through the following options:
-Dollars or Pesos in cash.
-Bitcoin if you have an account and the payment is immediate.
-Transfer or Deposit into one of the following bank accounts in the US: Bank of America or Chase
-Credit Card via Paypal however I add 4% to the amount to cover the paypal and other fees incurred.

4 – What do these prices include?

All the prices listed in our web site are in dollars and include taxes, utilities and any other fees. The listed prices for the apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms are generally for 2 guests and there would be an additional amount added to the price per guest after 2. The bigger apartments and mansions allow for more guests so please check each if these rentals’ specific page for pricing specifics.

5 – Can I cancel my reservation?

If you do need to cancel a reservation, please contact me as soon as possible and I will do my best to re-book the apartment.

As a general rule, I do not refund the Security Deposit on cancellations with less than two weeks notice. In those cases where you give us notice in advance, every effort will be made to re-book the apartment and if a new booking is found for the same rental period a full refund of the Security Deposit will be issued. We will deduct from the Security Deposit the cost of days that remain unbooked to the maximum value of the Security Deposit based on the daily rate of the apartment.

Last minute cancellations or those requested after the client has already used the apartment are not subject to any kind of refund, the client will be responsible for the total rental amount. In those cases however, the Security Deposit is refunded less any loss, damage or cleaning charges.

6 – Do you charge a security deposit?

Yes, you are required to pay a security deposit ranging from $150-$650, depending on the type of rental and length of your stay, via Paypal or in cash. We will keep the deposit during your stay and it will be given back to you within 24-48 hours of your departure if there are no pending cleaning fees or any damages in the apartment that need to be have their costs calculated.

7 – How and when do I get the keys to the apartment?

Please let me know as soon as possible your estimated arrival time or if someone else will be picking up the keys on your behalf. Depending on what time you arrive, I either can meet you at the apartment or leave the keys with the building security then for you and stop by later to meet you and pick up the money

8 – How far is the airport from the apartments?

The ride from the international airport (called Jose Maria Cordova) in a taxi is about 45 minutes. The cost of a taxi from the airport is currently 70,000 pesos, or roughly $33 US Dollars.

There a few local flights in small aircraft that land in the airport located in the city of Medellin (called Enrique Olaya Herrera) and if you happen to be in the very few flights that actually land here all our apartments are between 5-10 minutes from the airport and taxis should cost the equivalent of $4-5 USD.

10 – What are the check in and check out times?

The general check in and check out times are as follows…

Check in: 4:00 PM. This allows enough time to properly clean the apartment before your arrival.

Check out: 12:00 PM

I will do my best to accommodate your early check ins and late check outs upon request.

11 – Are there extra charges for gas, electricity or water?

No, there are no additional charges for gas, electricity or water.

12 – Can I throw parties in the rentals?

Parties in the apartments are prohibited. There are plenty of clubs and bars in Medellin close by that are relatively cheap compared to in most foreign countries so there is no need throw a party in your apartment. Also there are plenty of great and friendly people to meet in Medellin and the best way to meet them is by going where they are, not being holed up in your apartment. Please keep the windows and sliding balcony doors closed closed when playing music or talking after 10 PM in as this is the most likely cause of disturbances.

Medellin Rentals Online reserves the right to deduct money from the security deposit if we receive complaints about the noise or inappropriate conduct. We also reserve the right to evict with immediate effect all renters from the property who, in our opinion, are not suitable as clients, due to unreasonable behavior, damage to the property, or repeated justifiable complaints from the neighbors. Those who know me will say I am an easy going person and I try to be fair and flexible. However in cases of clients breaking of clear cut rules that result in complaints from neighbors and subsequent headaches/problems for Medellin Rentals Online the security deposit will not be refunded.

Pursuant to Colombian law to protect minors against sexual exploitation, females under 18 years of age are forbidden in all apartments and mansions if they are not accompanied by their parents.

13 – Are maid services available?

I can arrange a maid for you for $20 per day. This would include cleaning and cooking any food you provide the maid while she is at the apartment.

14 – Are pets allowed?

In some apartments pets are allowed on a case by case basis. Please email me with specifics and I can let you know.

15 – Do the apartments have a telephone?

All the apartments have telephones and local calling to other landlines is provided free of charge.

16 – Do you provide cell phones and/or Sim Cards?


If you have a phone that in unlocked and can be used with a SIM card from one of the local cell phone providers, then then add money to the prepaid account to use it.

I also have some extra cell phones that have their own SIM cards that I rent to clients from time to time if needed. Please inquire about availability and prices if you are interested.

17 – Do the apartments have Internet access?

All of the apartments have high speed Wireless Internet.

18 – Can I smoke in the apartments?

No. All of the apartments are strictly non-smoking except on the balconies outside. Extra cleaning expenses will be deducted if the apartment is left with linen or furniture smelling of cigarettes. Marijuana is forbidden in all apartments including on the balconies.

19 – Is there hot water in all of the apartments?

Yes, there is gas heated hot water in every apartment.

20 – Is there an extra charge for cleaning?

You are expected to leave the apartments and mansions in the same condition we deliver them to you with all the sheets washed and cleaned as well. You can either have the apartment professionally cleaned by someone or we can do it ourselves and deduct $20 from the security deposit. If there are stains in on the sheets, towels or any other furniture in the apartment we will deduct the money form the security deposit necessary to have them removed or have them replaced if the stains cannot get removed. Additional cleaning charges will be added if there is a lingering cigarette smell inside the apartment as well.

Further questions or doubts that you want to clear up

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